For companies with high volume shipping, our service is all about :-

Over 495 million tonnes have been processed since early 1999. Other commodities include Iron Ore, Steel Slab, Soybean, Wheat, Alumina, Bauxite, Logs, Fertilizer, Petcoke, Sugar, Sand and Maize.

27 coal mines have outsourced this service in Queensland and New South Wales through the ports of Newcastle, Gladstone, Dalrymple Bay and Abbot Point in Australia.

Our experience means we can pick up a Charter Party Agreement or Sales Contract and immediately start processing.

D/D.I.S. liaises with all counterparties to achieve an agreed outcome. By issuing Debit or Credit Notes, D/D.I.S. arranges for the appropriate counterparty to make payment. All transactions are recorded in detailed monthly reports supplied in Microsoft Word or Excel.

D/D.I.S. has developed sophisticated software to handle the complex nature of laytime management.

Confidentiality Agreements can be implemented, if necessary.